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Artist Re-Awakened (An Origin Story)

photography: Johanna Booth Weddings

As a child, you can probably recall your art teacher saying "find your inner artist". Maybe you sat confused like I did, what a vague statement! "How do I find something that I don't even know?" young me mumbled. While that saying IS fairly popular, to be able to find something so uniquely you is NO easy feat.

For years, I found myself in a barren state of artistic expression. I would push my focus to other things that others said may bring me joy. Heavy emphasis on "what others said".. not what I felt would bring me joy. Of course, it never dawned on me that "finding my inner artist" meant letting go of previous misconceptions of art careers and allowing myself to broaden my view when it came to the field of creating. The epiphany as some may call it, came when my family -much like every other in the world- had a change of pace thanks to COVID19.

After working in the medical industry for over ten years, I was at a loss of what to do with my time since I was newly furloughed. Being home with two kids under five, if you know anything like it, causes a vacuum of energy with said kids but no where to release it to. Which is not joyous by any means. Then my husband said the most necessary thing that every "sleeping" artist should hear... He said I should "start painting again".

He then followed up with added encouraging statement "I remember you having so much joy when you painted."

I did not immediately feel like "Pablo Picasso" when I ventured onward with finding my inner artist (again) though, no, it took months before I felt comfortable sharing my progress with anyone. However, I remember the joy that I felt with every creative piece; the joy of letting myself try and improve. Soon I felt confident with sharing my work and the ideas started flowing at a leisurely rate. Brushed Script was not born it was merely "re-awakened" in my mind. Because finding my inner artist meant awakening my joy and being prepared to look at other opportunities than simply being a "gallery artist". It meant putting art in every field that I thought needed it. That's in weddings, that's in teaching, that's in every person's home and all the places we need to find beauty and joy. My inner artist is the artist that creates heirlooms for the happy couple next door, and the family a few states over that are expecting their first baby girl.

My art isn't for one avenue, it's for all that I believe it will encourage and bring joy to. I hope that my inner artist awakening is one that helps you find yours. We thank you for your interest in Brushed Script..

Welcome to the Family.

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